Becoming the #1 YouTuber by Exploiting Everyone - YouTubers Life

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4 Simple Steps to Becoming a Successful YouTuber:

1. Sit uncomfortably close to strangers in a movie theater.
2. During the movie, ask them if they're a YouTuber.
3. If they say no and get very upset, get their number and offer them a job.
4. Build your miserable team from there! Don't forget, no sick days!

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Becoming the #1 YouTuber by Exploiting Everyone - YouTubers Life - Let's Game It Out

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YouTubers Life on Steam:

Create your own videos from your parents’ house and start getting your first subscribers, views and likes. Meet well-known youtubers, go to the wildest parties, share your life through social media and deal with your haters. Monetize your content, sign with exclusive networks and customize your place with the coolest stuff. Grow until you can afford a mansion in outer space!

Record gameplays, reviews, speed runs, walkthroughs… Collect all the consoles across all generations, play your favorite titles and develop your own video games!

Play 30 different instruments and more than 10 music genres. Publish covers, lessons, duets, compose the catchiest songs and give exciting live concerts!

Create new, exotic dishes from different gastronomies. Upload tips, tutorials and collaborative dishes, become an experienced chef and work in your own restaurant!

Choose carefully your clothes, create your own outfits, attend fashion events to become a celebrity and much more!
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