''Better Than Reality'' 100% (Demon) by Subwoofer | Geometry Dash [2.11]

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Subwoofer back at it again with another masterpiece, Better Than Reality, the whole level has a very heavy purple theme, from the block design that has a "crystalline" feeling and look to it having a nice variety of opacity, patterns and shapes throughout the whole thing and although it isn't the star or the main attraction, it's still really important to the overall design, even making the backgrounds jump out a lot more, speaking about the backgrounds, these are the best part about the level, the giant tv that appears behind everything has a ton of animations and effects that make it impossible to not look at, there are also some other sections with different shapes and patterns decorating the landscape, but that monster is the best part about the level.

ID: 63521602
Music: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/864714
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