(Extreme Demon) ''Armageddon'' 100% by Manix648 | Geometry Dash [2.11]

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According to Manix himself, Armageddon is a re imagining of Cataclysm with a 2.1 spin on it, and I have to say it came out looking amazing, it's so much more stylized and while there are some parts that may look simpler, at the same time, it accomplishes a much more detailed look than the original Cata. The block design is different and unique, while still staying true to the theme, it has a bunch of small details that bring it to the forefront, while accenting the rest of the decoration. There are even some blocks that have illumination that make it seem like there's fire inside, glowing and pulsating. My favorite part about this level are the sections that have neon coloring and effects, especially the part at 1:13 until the ending.
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