(Extreme Demon) ''Bye'' 100% by AlrexX | Geometry Dash [2.11]

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Bye is a remake by the really popular level Hi by KrmaL, being a lot harder than the original, and improving on a lot of fronts, but let's talk about the decoration first, right from the get go, you can tell that Bye maintains the same spirit as it's predecessor, but it is much more refined, having more color where it was absent before, and filling in the blanks, whether it's with more obstacles or animations, especially the one at 0:30, which in the original was just a dark screen blocking almost everything. The colors feel more vibrant and more diverse, changing in between hues much more often in sync with the music, which is the same this time around as well. The gameplay is another story, it is much harder than the original, but it takes a long time to get consistent at it, but I felt that you can't truly perfect this level, it's all over the place, that being said, I think it's a good remake, and if you're into hard levels, try this one out.
Attempts: 2489
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