(Insane Demon) ''Surge of Renewal'' 100% by N3moProd & YansSK8 | Geometry Dash

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A remake of the Extreme Demon by TMNGaming, Surge of Creations that was released about a year ago, which was an amazing level in it's own right, but this remake is absolutely stunning, in just about every aspect and detail, every corner of this level is filled with detail, with something different and unique to look at and appreciate. This is one of those special levels that isn't just something you go through once and that's it, with your typical block design, transitions and backgrounds, it's an experience, you feel like you're going through different settings and worlds and it all makes sense, it's all connected together with amazing transitions, smooth and different from what you normally see, especially the ones at 1:03, they surprised me the first time I saw them, while being all tied together and in perfect sync with the music that was chosen, which happens to be the same as the original which is nice to see. The effects are also insane, the one at 0:29 looks amazing, the way the entire background switches between filling the back and filling the blocks and obstacles is something I don't think I've seen before, this is the quality you get consistently throughout the whole level.
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