''Mechanical Realm'' 100% (XXL Demon) by Maxie25 [3 Coins] | Geometry Dash [2.11]

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A level that shows just how much Maxie25 has improved over time, Mechanical Realm has gameplay elements that fit perfectly with the theme, having a grey with neon colors that make the important points of the level stand out in between all of the monochrome decoration. Having a great use of glow and lighting effects that along with the music, give the level a new level of detail, bringing every piece of decoration and art together. The various animations that are found within the level, whether it's in the blocks, or the backgrounds, all of them are well-made and very smooth. I really enjoy when levels have "halfway points" where the gameplay slows down almost to a halt and it gives you a few seconds to breathe before going to the most intense section of the level. In this case it builds up for a bit before hitting the last drop. Something else that surprised me about this level are the unique gameplay sections that can be found, especially the ones that start at 1:56, the platforming, having to time your clicks with different buttons and spamming to escape a monster, while still relating to the mechanical theme. Overall this is a great level, a major improvement from previous levels, I highly recommend you try this out.
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