Soul Knight longest Boss Rush Record (Outside China)

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You want China? Go bili bili noob.
This run took 8 hours and I’m in the middle of my exam LUL

China Record - 1000-1

*More Info on the run (as of 20th August)*

First, the hammer has been nerfed. It no longer does percentage damage against enemies anymore, but the trumpets still dont have a cap on their attack speed. this nerf has taken effect as of version 2.7.3

Second, many people on bili bili have surpassed the record after i uploaded this. Its not really a record based on skill, its based on time and perseverance, which i dont have because im having O levels right now lol (exam)

Infinite Boss Rush Prep (21 Trumpet Rush)
- 4 fantastic flower (looking for 3 weapon buff)
- binary tree (shotgun buff)
- guardian flower (shield buff)
- rerolled challenge (x2 boss best challenge cuz it doubles loot per stage)
- Beserker 2nd skill freestyle (you can use free trial pass, i used free trial pass)
- Thunder Hammer craft
- Staff of Illusion craft
- Trumpet craft
- Attachment Voucher (looking for upgrade kit for thunder hammer)

Additional Beneficiaries
- Grilled Laser Fish (eat for +2 hp and +1 armour)
obtainable from crafting laser fish and redeeming portable oven
- Starter Drink (milk reduces damage from fire and poison debuffs)
- Magic Well (buff helps towards the start of the run)
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