''Ultra Violence'' 100% (Demon) by Xender Game | Geometry Dash [2.11]

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Ultra Violence is the newest level by Xender Game, and as always it's amazing, the colors, the effects the backgrounds especially, the movement, animations, block design, and just about everything is high quality. I really enjoy seeing how Xender has honed and polished his creating style, and you can see it clearly with this level. As with most of Xender's levels, the main focus is the bossfight, having different fases and designs, while still implementing different gameplay elements, and having buildup with the decoration and musical sync. The design for the bosses is unique, having different attacks and styles, having a different set of animations as well, which every single one came out looking really smooth. Overall this level is what you'd come to expect from Xender, a level with a design that is very defined, with bossfights that are fun to play and nice to look at.
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