"Mr CrazyHands" 100% (XXL Demon) by ExtoPlasm | Geometry Dash

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Mr CrazyHands is an XXL level with art, backgrounds, and animations that give it a very defined theme and style, though the block design is bland in most of the parts but this creator has a ton of potential to become really good, there is a lot of unique ideas in here and the theme is executed very well, in this case being a spooky setting, The song fits really well with what's happening on screen, whether it's the transitions the flashes of light, or the art in the background syncing with the beat of the song. There are a couple of mini bossfights, though I wish the attacks were more varied. The first is section is well-done, the colors fit nicely with the backgrounds and obstacles and the animations look smooth, the second is the same enemy but seen from a different perspective, which also looks nice.
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